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Physical Delivered Commodity Products

What We Do Differently

Farmwise is essentially in the business of transforming soft commodities into whatever our clients require, raw materials in the case of consumer clients and cash in the case of producer clients.

We trade in all the types and classes of physical soft commodities that are available in the South African Market.

We trade in silo receipts for producers and consumer clients, offering both the opportunity to effectively translate forward pricing or price risk management into basis premium or location discount depending on your perspective, whilst both clients gets to benefit from utilising the closest silo delivery point to his or her farm or mill.  We load commodities on farms for those producer clients that want to minimise their own risks by not being involved in the transportation and offloading of product at food or feed mills.

At the same time the consumer client receives the benefit of only assuming responsibility for commodities once they are truly raw materials they can immediately consume.

For those producer clients that have already invested in transport capacity we offer a wide variety of delivery points and competitive pricing that offers a reasonable return on that investment.

All our clients have the same opportunity to mitigate price risk and manage their commodity purchases and sales without having to conform to each other’s price expectations or tying up valuable resources by getting involved in logistics and hedge management.