Your Trusted Partner In Agricultural Markets

Born from the collaboration of farmers, financiers, and agricultural experts, Farmwise Grains has been the steady hand of the South African grain industry for 3 decades.

Experts in Grain Trade and Agricultural Markets.

Farmwise bridges the gap between grain producers and consumers. We leverage commodity derivatives to manage risk and create a stable, profitable environment for all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. From farmers to processors, Farmwise offers expert guidance and a suite of risk management tools to navigate price fluctuations and ensure long-term success.

Market Knowledge

Farmwise Grains empowers its clients to navigate the grain market with confidence by providing daily reports on key commodities, live market prices accessible through a mobile app, and strategic guidance tailored to each client’s specific business.

Ex-Farm and Ex-Silo Trading

We offer flexible “ex-farm” or “ex-silo” trading options to suit each producer’s needs. We utilize a cutting-edge administration system for efficient transactions and foster long-term partnerships to deliver competitive pricing for our producers.

Pricing Component Contracts

We manage the physical buying, selling, and hedging of commodities, allowing clients to focus on the ‘basis’ for reduced price volatility. We offer various risk management tools like price-matched orders, deferred pricing models, and production-based plans to suit each client’s needs.

Mill-door Delivered Contracts

We streamline contracting by acting as a daily counterparty, letting farmers and processors manage risk independently. Our tools include deferred pricing, partial payments, minimum price contracts, and harvest-time price fixing.

Payment & Cash Flow Management

We combat basis risk, the hidden cost in grain prices, through efficient logistics and real-time data. We strategically source grain to meet processors’ needs at competitive prices, ensuring a reliable nationwide supply chain.

IP & Niche Market Products

We source and deliver niche market products, catering to unique agricultural needs beyond standard commodities. We leverage our expertise and network to connect you with the specific grains you require.

Your Trusted Partner In Agricultural Markets | Collage of four agricultural commodity products.

A win-win situation for everyone in the Value Chain.

For Farmers: 
We provide a reliable market for their crops and guidance to maximize profits by understanding their needs and market opportunities.

For Processors: 
They ensure a stable supply of quality grains at competitive prices, allowing them to sell their final products profitably.