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Clients are increasingly expecting better service at lower prices. A key element for supply chains to meet this challenge reside in organizational agility, evidenced by in our case by quickly adapting our processes and constantly developing technology in our specialist subsidiary companies.

We combine industry best practice with local knowledge and experience to deliver solutions that are relevant and that add significant value whilst reducing risks.

Our supply chain management capabilities span the full spectrum of integrated value chains across multiple soft commodities in the food and feed sectors. We do our best to understand our clients business needs, risks and challenges and assist in meeting these challenges as efficiently as possible. Our people are key drivers to in meeting client expectations. Over time we’ve achieved strong alignment of people, processes and technology in our organisational and business strategy.

It is our vision to empower our clients by improving access to supply chain data and facilitating transparency through constantly developing electronic tools which enables our clients to focus on their core business.

Think Streamlined Communication and Load Optimization

About Farmwise Grains Logistics

At Farmwise Grains Logistics, we pride ourselves on being the logistical backbone of South Africa’s agricultural industry. Specializing in the transportation of various grains, including maize, soya beans, sorghum, sunflower, and agricultural byproducts, we facilitate the seamless movement of these vital commodities from farms and silos to prominent factories and mills across the nation.

Our dedicated team embodies a wealth of expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. Comprised of skilled professionals, each member of our team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of our operations. With a deep-rooted understanding of the agricultural landscape and a passion for precision, we meticulously orchestrate every aspect of the transportation process to guarantee timely deliveries and uphold the trust placed in us by our clients.

Central to our operations is our fleet of specialized trucks, meticulously selected to meet the diverse demands of grain transportation. From the versatility of Side Tippers, Back Tippers, Walking Floors, Bottom Dumpers, our fleet is equipped with the latest technology and maintained to the highest standards to navigate the unique challenges of transporting agricultural commodities. While Bulk Trailers are utilized selectively due to offloading point constraints, our team’s strategic approach ensures optimal resource allocation and maximized operational effectiveness. We recognize the critical role we play in sustaining South Africa’s agricultural ecosystem. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence, steadfast reliability, and commitment to innovation, we remain steadfast in our mission to drive the success of our clients while contributing to the prosperity of the agricultural sector as a whole.

Dedicated Routes

At Farmwise Grains Logistics, we prioritize fostering long-term partnerships with our transporters by offering dedicated routes throughout the entirety of the year. We understand the importance of consistency and reliability in the transportation industry, which is why we ensure that our transporters have access to steady, lucrative routes that provide them with a consistent stream of work. By aligning with Farmwise Grains Logistics, transporters can capitalize on our established network and reputation for excellence, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are part of a team committed to their success. Whether you're an experienced transporter looking for stable routes or a newcomer eager to join a reputable logistics division, Farmwise Grains Logistics welcomes you to be part of our journey as we continue to elevate the standards of agricultural transportation in South Africa. Join us, and let's grow together.

Diesel Supply

At Farmwise Grains Logistics, we go the extra mile to support our transporters every step of the way. In addition to offering dedicated routes throughout the year, we understand that fuel costs are a significant concern for transporters. That's why we've partnered with a trusted diesel supplier to ensure our transporters benefit from competitive rates on their fuel purchases.

Our strong relationships with suppliers enable us to secure favourable rates, helping our transporters optimize their operational costs and maximize their profitability.

Load Management System

Experience the next level of logistics management with our comprehensive load management system. This advanced platform offers complete digitalization for your logistics operations, ensuring seamless coordination and real-time data access around the clock. Compatible across various devices, including web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets, our system empowers you to manage your business from anywhere. Through our app, available on IOS and Android, drivers can effortlessly check in at loading and offloading points, with integrated document scanning and uploading features for enhanced efficiency. All your essential documents are securely stored in the cloud, accessible instantly to all relevant stakeholders in the supply chain.

Developed through collaboration with logistics experts, our load management system facilitates the smooth movement of dry bulk products. Gain unparalleled visibility into your supply chain, enabling product owners and financiers to track shipments in real-time. Any adjustments to fleets or loads trigger instant notifications to clients, collection points, and delivery destinations, ensuring proactive management. Our intelligent booking system allows for seamless creation of individual or bulk bookings, eliminating the need for manual loading confirmations. Automate your processes with our bulk mailing functions, streamlining operations and simplifying load management across the board. Experience efficiency and reliability like never before with our innovative load management system.

Become a Transport Contractor

In order to register as a transporter with Farmwise Grains, please ensure completion of the following 8 onboarding documentation to ensure compliance. Once all 8 onboarding documentaion has been completed you can send it to our Logistics Departmet via

Onboarding Documentaion:
1.   Transport Letter
2.   Transporter Document Checklist – ANNEXURE 1
3.   Farmwise Transporter Information Form – ANNEXURE 2
4.   Terms & Conditions – ANNEXURE 3
5.   POPI Act & Consent Form – ANNEXURE 4
6.   GIT Confirmation Consent Form – ANNEXURE 5
7.   Copy of Maple Fleet Import
8.   New Maple User Form

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