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The Farmwise Journey

Farmwise Grains (Pty) Ltd – Introduction and background

Farmwise Grains (Pty) Ltd was established in 1994 by collaborating farmers, financial services professionals, and agricultural experts. We have achieved steady growth, reaching clients in all agricultural production and processing sectors for the last 27 years. The market has tested our business, and we’ve demonstrated our ability to grow steadily and deliver good returns to our shareholders.

At Farmwise Grains, our primary role is that of a trading company. We excel in providing aggregation services to our consumer clients while creating opportunities for our producer clients to integrate into the value chain that best suits them. Our expertise spans multiple soft commodities in human food and animal feed sectors, making us a versatile and reliable partner in the market.

Our roots lie in the farming community; we confidently engage with leading producers in the biggest grain-producing districts. We offer clients, a comprehensive price risk management service, including hedging strategies tailored to their specific needs, and off-take services that ensure a steady market for their products. These services are designed to support and protect these agri-businesses, demonstrating our commitment to their success.

On the industrial side of the market in the food, feed, and wet milling sectors, we have fostered enduring client relationships that span 27 years. These relationships, built on trust and a proven track record, testify to our reliability and commitment. We supply a variety of A-list companies throughout the year and have a team of dedicated traders in each operating facet of the market.

F-Wise Capital (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary company of Farmwise Grains, is a member of the JSE commodities division. F-Wise Capital offers price risk management solutions and helps clients structure hedging in the agricultural and forex markets. F-Wise Capital operates independently but shares our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Please find further information on our website: https://www.fwise.co.za.

Thera Software (Pty) Ltd, another subsidiary of Farmwise Grains, offers software solutions that are developed for its clients, of which Farmwise Grains was the 1st for whom the software was developed. The main purpose of these trading administration systems is to track all administrative processes, from trade confirmation to delivery and invoicing of the final product. These systems enhance our operational efficiency and transparency, allowing us to better serve our clients. Thera Software also operates independently, and these software solutions are available to other agricultural service providers in the market. Please find further information on our website: http://therasoftware.co.za.

In our Group of Companies, we always seek the best and brightest talent, bringing new competencies and experience into the business. Our people, that brings a diverse range of skills and experiences from various sectors, are critical drivers in meeting client expectations. A large proportion of our staff has been within the Group for over 15 years, demonstrating our commitment to fostering long-term relationships and maintaining a high level of expertise within our team. Over time, we have successfully aligned people, processes, and technology in our organisational and business strategy.

Our client’s success is our utmost priority. We are dedicated to understanding their business needs, risks, and challenges, and we strive to assist in meeting these challenges as efficiently as possible. Our vision is to empower our clients by providing them with the information and tools they need to implement good practices and standards in their business, thereby increasing their competitiveness and productivity. Our Group Strategy is to always prioritise our client’s success.