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Beyond Market Expertise

Farmwise acts as a bridge between grain producers and consumers.

Farmwise serves the entire value chain, from producer to processor, maize or wheat mill, feed manufacturer or oil expeller. We also count numerous individual farmers, farmer groups, regional aggregators as well as Co-ops, banks and traders amongst our oldest clients.

Using a combination of exchange traded and OTC products our clients can harness the full spectrum of derivative products/contracts such as options, forward contracts, futures contracts and swops.

Support a sustainable environment for all stakeholders, that entails:

Providing a long-term market for farmers and ensuring greater profitability over time by knowing their requirements in terms of ROI and responding with appropriate guidance when the markets offer the opportunity to achieve this.

Providing a stable supply of quality product for processing plants and end users at prices that puts them in a position to sell their final product into the retail space at a competitive price, or at least a comparable price to that of the competition.

Ensure sound trading practices on the Commodity Derivatives Market and Currency Derivatives Market to limit price risk.

Commodity Deriatives

Commodity Derivatives

Commodity Derivatives Trading takes place through our subsidiary Company – F-Wise Capital (Pty)Ltd.

Currency Derivatives

Currency Derivatives Trading takes place through our subsidiary Company – F-Wise Capital (Pty)Ltd.

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