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What we do differently

Combination Loads

Dedicated Routes


Load Information / Security Maple-LMC

Clients are increasingly expecting better service at lower prices. A key element for supply chains to meet this challenge reside in organizational agility, evidenced by in our case by quickly adapting our processes and constantly developing technology in our specialist subsidiary companies.

We combine industry best practice with local knowledge and experience to deliver solutions that are relevant and that add significant value whilst reducing risks.

Our supply chain management capabilities span the full spectrum of integrated value chains across multiple soft commodities in the food and feed sectors. We do our best to understand our clients business needs, risks and challenges and assist in meeting these challenges as efficiently as possible. Our people are key drivers to in meeting client expectations. Over time we’ve achieved strong alignment of people, processes and technology in our organisational and business strategy.

It is our vision to empower our clients by improving access to supply chain data and facilitating transparency through constantly developing electronic tools which enables our clients to focus on their core business.

Combination Loads to the Max

Think Uber

With the help of the Maple Logistics Management Console, all load information (GEO location, Loading/Offloading times, type of truck, product and freight charges) from all Freight Owners will be entered into our load database scheduler.

All entered under a non-disclosure agreement between N-Wise and Freight owner. Freight information will only be available to N-wise and no third party.

As soon as a driver or operator confirms a vehicle is available to load and in what direction he wants to go, the best possible load will be allocated to that truck.

The Freight Owner will be informed as the load is allocated and if it is a shuttle load or return load and if there is any saving on the freight charge for the Freight Owner’s account.

Dedicated Routes and Shunting

Dedicated Routes

We are negotiating better freight charges and/or rebates on dedicated Routes for loading and offloading point on a more long-term basis.

This will allow us to optimize our load scheduler and negotiate the most beneficial back freight.


Shunting will work in combination with our dedicated routes at loading and offloading points.

Shunting will have a positive effect in the constant flow of vehicles to be offloaded, sampling, standing time and rejections.

Load information and Security – Maple LMC

With Maple-LMC software we are able to:

  • Update loaded and offloaded information in real time from LMC app on drivers’ phone to your PC.
  • The driver will not be able to check in on his app if he is not in a radius of 100 meters from the loading or offloading GEO location.
  • Your Maple Viewer and Mailer can be customized with you company’s Logo.
  • N-Wise will handle all security checks on your transporters used with monthly updates on GIT and Truck and trailer license renewals.
  • Send Freight Contracts between Freight Owners and Transporters.
  • Update the loads progress in real time.
  • Clients will be able to view all loads done by N-wise live while the load updates automatically on your Maple Viewer.
  • Maple-LMC and Maple Workflow Viewer is completely internet-based program and can be securely accessed from any desktop or laptop no installation required.